Our clients are the reason we’re in business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said.


I had two Bars sessions with Monika on Monday and Wednesday this week. Today is Saturday and I can give my report and testimony to the following changes in my life.

SLEEPING WELL: After a two years struggle with sleep apnea and an annoying discomfort of sleeping mask at night I was astonished to have a 6,5 hrs of sleep on the 1st night, 8,5 hrs on the 2nd, 7,5 on the 3-rd and 9 on the 4th. Before I used to wake up 6 to 10 times and get no more than four or five hours of sleep. After receiving BARS I had only one or two breaks per night. This alone makes my life miraculously restored to normalcy.

ABILITY TO DO THINGS RATHER THAN POSTPONING THEM: In three days I’ve done more things than I did in several weeks. Since my husband’s sudden death 3 years ago I lived in depression and lethargy. Several attempts of getting back to life proved futile. I’ve been doing only the things that I assessed as ‘absolutely necessary’ in order to function at work and at home from one day to another. Bars released some unusual reservoir of energy and “Elan Vital”. I feel at ease with doing things that need to be done.

FEELING LESS FEARFUL:  I became surprisingly relaxed in the areas I used to feel great fear. Fear of being alone in the house at night, fear of getting sick, or fear of driving on a freeway (next to the huge trucks) for more than 20 min. I drove back home from Santa Barbara for over 2 hours and felt unusually easy.

– Anna W., PhD, Professor, Los Angeles



Since my Bars session yesterday, I have experienced an overwhelming sense of peace with some unaccountable Joy and Happiness thrown in. Everything seems much much more Colorful!  I’ve stopped on several occasions to admire beauty of flowers, palm trees, shadows and light, people’s faces and voices. I seem to NOT be in as much of a hurry to “get there” as I usually was in the past. I am calm even with caffeine in me!  I am not as hungry as usual, yet incredibly focused and energetic.  My back pain has subsided. I am more in-tune with my surroundings and the cold does not bother me as much anymore.   Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

– Stuart, Santa Barbara


I am so grateful for the wonderful Bars session last week, which was a truly transformative experience.  I came into the room quite stressed out due to personal issues.  Your succinct yet profound questions helped me really analyze my situation in a new and insightful way.  Then I relaxed on the table and your gentle touch took over, transporting me to a deep relaxation and peace.  I return to your questions often, evaluating my life process.  I can’t wait to return for another Bars session, and would recommend it to anyone!

– Barbara B., Business Owner, Santa Barbara





I felt a surge of incredible energy soaring through my body, to the point that I could not sit still. It did not happen right after. It took 4 to 5 days. I am physically shaken, want to run, exercise, jump up and down and listen to my body. I really hate exercising and was always a sceptic about gyms and all that.  I went on a diet and started loosing weight immediately.  Before I could not loose a pound for about 4 to 5 years. I felt miserable and chubbier than ever. During that time I put on over 20 pounds.  I think that one session did miracles for me. Thanks a million!

— Alexandra D., Student, Santa Monica


After my first Bars session, I slept very well that night.  My brain does not seem to engage as easily if I wake up in the middle of the night as it did before.  I have a new perspective on many things now and I seem to be a lot calmer than I used to be.

– Art, Businessman, Santa Barbara