Step 1. Vision
Find images of closets that appeal to you and create a vision for your new luxury closet space.

Step 2. Clear
Remove all items from the closet onto a floor, a large table or a bed.

Step 3. Sort
Pick each item up and ask:
Do I Love it?   Yes/No
Do I use it and will I ever use it?   Yes/No
Does it make me feel good when I wear it?   Yes/No

If not sure, it’s a ‘No’.
All ‘No’ items can be sold, donated or given away.

Step 4: Arrange
Before placing the ‘Yes’ items back in the closet, organize them by category and color. Artfully arrange your clothes, shoes and accessories and, when in doubt, refer to your Vision. Use uniform, high quality hangers and garment boxes. Rather than trying to keep it all, opt for quality and luxury. And, remember: less stuff means more space in your closet.

Step 5: Luxury
Leave plenty of room for high quality items and discard anything that doesn’t look or feel attractive and luxurious. To make your closet look and feel like an boutique, install better lighting, place a piece of art on a wall, or a designer chair in the corner, and showcase a few items you love most by placing them on display.